A Comprehensive Guide On How to Lose Weight the Safe Way

Achieving the ideal body weight requires making adjustments to your daily routine, lifestyle and watching your diet. You need to burn more calories than you consume to succeed. Normally, losing weight is quite common among people who want to shed extra pounds in a given period of time. A positive mind-set, plan and goals will help you throughout your weight loss journey. The following is a quick guide on how to lose weight safely and effectively.


Reduce calorie intake: Lowering your caloric intake by about 500-1000 calories every day will help you shed at least two pounds every week without feeling being deprived. It is not wise to decrease caloric intake substantially since it can be challenging to adhere to. Choose a healthy diet that matches your lifestyle and body needs from the principal food groups. A good diet will prevent fast weight reduction which can easily affect your body leaving you drained and sluggish. Moreover, rapid weight reduction leads to loss of muscle and water instead of the intended fat.

Cut unhealthy eating habits: Unhealthy eating habits lead to excess weight. They include eating even when you are not hungry, excess feeding and eating a lot of desserts, processed foods and sugars. The major proportion of your meal should contain low calorie dense food like vegetables and whole grains. They aren’t loaded with lots of calories and they’ll make you feel full quickly and.

Avoid rapid weight reduction diets: They can be dangerous and might complicate your psychological and physical states. They should only be taken following a consultation with a weight loss expert.


Matching a healthy diet with the right workouts is the only trick to losing weight. Physical exercise engages the body muscles and burns body fat. Raising the level of your physical activity is not restricted to exercise. You can include other physical activities like gardening, shopping, walking, cleaning the house and walking upstairs instead of using lifts for better results. Spend at least 150 minutes every week on moderate body physical activities or about 75 minutes on intense rigorous aerobic activity. However, you may need more hours depending on your goals and work-out plan.


Dietary supplements can help in weight reduction especially when combined with physical activity and a healthy diet. Unfortunately, some supplements lack a guaranteed safety profile. Natural weight loss products like saffron extract are safe and effective to use. Supplements help in weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Settle for minor but attainable goals at a time. This will keep you motivated and on track. Don’t force your body to achieve very hard-to-attain targets. Use tools to help track your progress. For instance, you can be weighing yourself regularly or keep a food journal. These tools will help you keep track of every pound you lose which is a great source of motivation. It is imperative to stick to one exercise plan and weight loss diet at each stage of your weight loss journey. Focusing on a single plan will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals fast and easily.

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