Foods that Build Muscle

Diet is a critical component of muscle building. Muscles tend to burn more calories than fat even when resting. Consequently, building muscles calls for a higher consumption of high calorie diets. There are certain foods that are known to enhance muscle building and strength. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins is important for burning excess fat and building lean muscles. Here are some of the best muscle building foods.

Cottage cheese: Free fat cottage cheese is among the most effective foods for body builders. It is rich in casein, a slow digesting protein. Casein maintains body muscles by preventing them from being used as a source of energy. Cottage cheese is also a rich source of calcium and vitamin B12.

Brown rice: This is an excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates. Dieticians recommend active individuals to eat brown rice because it helps in maintaining overall body health. Moreover, it boosts the levels of growth hormone in the body which enhances the growth of lean muscles and burning body fats.


Tuna fish: It is a low carbohydrate and a high protein food which is important for building muscles and losing weight. It is rich in Omega 3-fatty acids which boost body metabolism and utilization of calories.

Fruits and vegetables: They are rich sources of anti-oxidants which are essential for maintain the proper functioning of the immune system. They are also great sources of beta- carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Healthy fats: Consumption of unsaturated fats is essential when building muscles. Fats play important roles in production of both growth hormone and testosterone which are responsible for the growth of muscles. Healthy fats elevate the metabolic rate and make it easier for the body to burn excess fats.

Oatmeal: This is an excellent source of carbs since it is slightly processed and has a low glycemic index. The benefits of consumption of oatmeal include decreased hunger, increased satiety, better micronutrients profile, fiber and burning of fats.

Lean beef: Beef is an ideal source of proteins and many other micronutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamin B. It has high protein content and amino acids which work with insulin to enhance muscle growth. For instance, high levels of linoleic acid present in beef boosts the rate of shedding body-fat and lean muscle building.

Eggs: Eggs contain 9 essential amino acids, high quality protein, choline and vitamin D. They increase lean muscle and promote muscle power. Egg’s cholesterol is also beneficial. It has been proved to decrease LDL cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis.

Broccoli: It contains a compound that antagonizes estrogenic effects in the body. Estrogen enhances the body’s ability to store fat. It leads to more muscle and less body fat.

Chicken breast: White chicken breast meat has low calorie-component but very rich in proteins. This makes it an ideal food for body builders because protein helps in the repair and maintenance of muscles.

It is clear that there are a lot of foods out there that will boost your body building efforts. It is always great to keep in mind that both proper diet and working our plays almost equal roles in muscle building. A combination of these foods with the right exercises will surely help you build muscles.

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