ECA fat burner discussed

ECA is an acronym for ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. ECA stack is a combination of these three drugs and it has very powerful energy enhancing and fat burning properties. These ingredients are ‘stacked’ to achieve their synergistic effects in burning of body fats and suppression of appetite. The following is detailed ECA stack report that will help you understand the properties of ECA stack.


Ephedrine is known for its dramatic suppression of appetite. It improves burning of fats and makes one feel energized. It is a very powerful thermogenic agent that increases the rate of metabolism. This results to faster burning of calories, high the body temperature and high metabolism. Additionally, Ephedrine is very effective in appetite suppression. It helps in increasing satiety feeling to curb cravings. It is a powerful energy booster that leads to enhanced performance.


The presence of caffeine in the stack is based on the fact that caffeine increases the body energy levels. It allows the body to carry out more and intense exercises with less fatigue. Intense exercises help in reduction of excess fat in the body. However, caffeine is unlikely to yield any noticeable results on its own unlike when stacked with aspirin and ephedrine. Caffeine is legal and it can only become dangerous when taken in large quantities. People who are used to taking ECA stack may experience withdrawal symptoms of caffeine when they stop taking it.


Aspirin is added in the stack since it prevents clotting of blood which is a major side effect associated with ephedrine. A variant EC stack is available for people who cannot tolerate aspirin. Compounds such as white willow bark and fish oil have same anti-clotting properties as aspirin. It is recommendable to replace aspirin with safer alternatives because of its side effects which include stomach ulcers.


Most of the risks that accompany taking ECA stack are mainly attributed to ephedrine and should only be taken at the recommended dosage. It should be avoided by people who are prone to stroke and heart attack. Ephedrine causes slight increase in blood pressure levels and can lead to frequent nose bleeding especially in people who take it regularly.


ECA stack is effective when used alone or when used in combination with other ingredients. It is recommended to use it in a cycle for six weeks at a time followed by a two-week break for the best results. Be sure to take it during the work out days, especially if you are using it to enhance body energy. Many body building enthusiasts and professionals prefer ECA stack to other fat burners. ECA stack is legal and can be bought over the counter without a prescription. However, it should only be taken by young healthy people. You are unlikely to encounter any problem provided you take it sensibly. You can stop taking it any time and you won’t experience any health problems.

When you stop taking the product, cut down on diet and eats less calories since rate of metabolism slows down dramatically. It is important to avoid this stack when carrying out extensive exercises. Otherwise, ensure you are well fed before you begin working out because hunger hits back with vengeance when stack wears off.

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