Is a Dianabol Only Cycle Worth the Money

Dianabol is among the most sought after steroids in the market today. It is a strong oral steroid that is highly valued by gym enthusiasts and professional athletes. It delivers the intended results quickly thanks to its strong androgenic and anabolic effects on the user. So, how effective is a dianabol only cycle? The dianabol only cycle usually lasts for about six weeks. The cycle involves taking dianabol pills since the injectable form is inferior and impure compared to the pill form. However, the steroid is normally supplemented with testosterone and aromatase inhibitors because it lowers the natural production of testosterone. People with little knowledge about this steroid need to know about the competence of the steroid as outlined below.

Effectiveness of a dianabol only cycle

Users who complete the cycle properly experience amazing muscle gain and strength. Individuals gain anywhere between 10-15 pounds in a single cycle. These fleeting results make dianabol an alluring choice for most body builders. Some benefits of the cycle include;

Increased fat-free mass and strength: Dianabol increases anaerobic glycolysis which in turn leads to accumulation of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is utilized by muscle tissues to synthesize glycogen. This increases the reserved energy of the body which leads to enhanced physical performance. Dianabol increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which are two critical processes of muscle development.

Fast gains within a short period: Dianabol only cycle leads to elevated muscle strength and raid muscle gain. Users begin noticing these results from the third week of the cycle. The steroid helps the body to be more efficient in synthesizing proteins which leads bigger and harder muscles.

Increased bone mineral density: Strong bones are necessary for a steroid user who intends to build muscles by lifting weights. Dianabol only cycle boosts bone mineral density which enables weight lifters to support heavy weights during exercises.


Dianabol only cycle is ideal for you if want to build your muscles without using injectable steroids. It is mostly formulated as a pill though it is also formulated as an injection. Taking tablets is painless and easy since you don’t need to learn skills like applying Band-Aid and finding injection sites.

Side effects

Hepatotoxicity: This oral anabolic steroid is toxic to the liver. Hepatotoxicity limits the dianabol only cycles to a period of 6 weeks in order to prevent damaging the liver.

Testosterone suppression: Continued use of dianabol for a long time leads to a high-pitched voice and shrivelled testes. These are caused by suppression of testosterone. However, the effects are mild if dianabol is supplemented with testosterone during the cycle.

The effectiveness and flexibility of the Dianabol only cycles accounts for its popularity among power lifters, athletes and body builders. It stacks well with other performance enhancers to maintain the gains even after the cycle ends. If you are seeking to bulk up without injections, then go for dianabol only cycle and do it correctly. Moreover, remember to bear in mind that adequate rest, proper diet and workouts are essential to retain the gains after completing the cycle. Proper diet maintains the new muscles tissues while exercises keep the levels of strength up.

So in our opinion this cycle is worth the money in certain circumstances.

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