Oxandrolone but better known as Anavar is a steroid used by individuals who go to the gym and want fast changes to the body.

Anavar is one of the mildest steroids present which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

While it is a legal drug to own for your own usage currently, it is illegal to sell it. This makes it impossible to purchase from your local supplement store.

It is an amazing workout supplement for gym going individuals but it is a steroid which means it does have some potential side effects.

One of the major potential problems is Testosterone suppression. This means after a short while of taking this steroid your body will stop producing its own testosterone.

This is why you must always use a PCT once a steroid cycle ends. PCT will kickstart your own natural testosterone production.

Anavar is an expensive steroid but will work wonders if you workout and eat a healthy and protein-rich diet.

What to expect from Anavar cycle:

If you are wanting to bulk or cut you can use it with good results.  One of the good things about this drug is that its suitable for both men and women.

What women should expect:

The dosage for an Anavar only cycle for women must be 10 mg–15 mg per day. If a woman has a higher dosage she runs the risk of virilization. This is when a woman starts to develop male characteristics such as facial hair and deepening of the voice.

What men should expect:

Dosages for men should be higher than that of women as men do not have to worry about virilization effects.

But don’t expect to build a huge amount of muscle on this steroid as it’s not the most powerful. If you want to run a cycle that results in more muscle growth you should either stack Anavar with other steroids or simply replace this steroid with something else.

What muscle Var does help you build will be quality and dry muscle.


There’s something about having a golden glow which makes you instantly feel so much better about yourself but there’s certain risks involved with tanning.

But does that mean you should give up on the idea of a beautiful golden glow?

There are other ways to get an all-over tan, including the latest evolution, tanning tablets. But can you really get a tan from a tablet? Here’s the facts you need to know.

What do you need to do?

Using tanning tablets couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is pop a pill and wait for your beautiful tan to appear.

It may sound surprising but there’s nothing more to it. You don’t need to apply any messy creams, you don’t need to scrub and prep your skin and there’s no dangerous exposure to UV light either.

This means that wherever you are you can get the perfect tan; if you’re using Rio Tanning Tablets it’s just 1-2 tablets per day.

The lack of lengthy preparation and convenience are two of the reasons why tanning tablets are rocketing in popularity. Tanning tablets make it simple and quick to get a golden glow even when you’re a bit short on time.

How do they work?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it just sounds too easy but tanning tablets work with your body to produce a natural looking colour that will last.

One of the key ingredients is PABA, a type of Vitamin B which occurs natural in lots of substances such as whole grains, mushrooms and liver. It’s often sold separately as a health supplement as it’s believed to help reduce inflammation in the body.

In tanning tablets, PABA is used because it affects the production of melanin, the pigment which darkens within the skin. Copper is another natural ingredient in Rio Tanning Tablets and combines with the PABA to create an even darker tan.

Will it work instantly?

Rio Tanning Tablets aren’t an instant tanner because they work with your body to stimulate the natural production of melanin. This can take a little while to take effect so don’t expect to see results the same day! In most cases Rio Tanning Tablets will produce a beautiful tan in around 10-14 days.

Discover the beauty of tanning tablets

Rio Tanning Tablets guarantee to deliver a gorgeous all-over tan for every skin type. Even fair “hard to tan” types will find they experience a golden glow with Rio. If you want to know, simply follow this link for information on Rio Tanning Tablets.

A testosterone deca durabolin cycle is among the most common cycles in the fitness and bodybuilding world.  As a matter of fact, the majority of fitness enthusiasts will tell you that deca should always be used together with testosterone.

This combination enjoys much popularity among men because it is effective for bulking up, increasing mass and maintaining the gains made. Many bodybuilders use deca durabolin for bulking, and when it is combined with testosterone, it produces additional benefits. But deca is not just for bodybuilders since it is effective for cutting as well and athletes will find it useful because it works as a cutting agent.

Deca differs from most of anabolic steroids in that, while they can only be used for cutting or bulking, deca can be used for both cutting and bulking. Although it is effective enough on its own, the results are usually greater when it is combined with a testosterone supplement.

The following are some of the reasons why testosterone and deca are commonly used together:

Greater Mass Gains

This combination is known as standard as it has proved to work frequently for mass gains.  Users will notice changes in their physique as they bulk up significantly after working out. But this will happen over a prolonged period and not with just a single cycle. The mass gained from combination of the two will be far more than what can be obtained from a normal workout.

Reduction of Joints and Tendon Pain

Even though deca is not a pain killer and is not touted as one, it is well known to be good for joints. It helps to reduce pain in the joints and tendons, and it is something that is common in athletes. This is even further boosted when deca is combined with testosterone.  Some steroids actually cause these pains, but with deca, joint pains normally disappear.

Increases Strength and Stamina

Deca increases strength and the user’s ability to lift more weights increases with each cycle.  But with a dbol test deca cycle, the results become even more noticeable. Deca is known for increasing endurance. However, the effect is increased when it is combined with testosterone.  Beginners will find that one of the most difficult things they have to contend with is the onset of fatigue.  They will certainly run out of air, and even experienced gym rats tend to reach their peak and are unable to continue.

A deca and testosterone stack helps users to gain more benefits and overcome any plateau or wall they run into.  However there has to be correct testosterone deca cycle dosage for this to work effectively.

 Preserves Lean Muscle

Though a trenbolone testosterone cycle is known to be one of the best cycles for preservation of lean muscle, even deca and testosterone will suffice to maintain lean muscle mass. Losing all the muscles on completion of a cycle is one of the more common problems that steroid users face. But with a combination of testosterone and deca durabolin, users have nothing to worry about as their hard-earned muscles will remain intact.

It Burns Fat

Although many people are not aware of this, a cycle consisting of deca and testosterone is an effective fat burner.  This is actually true.  Dieting helps in losing weight, but it might be hard to eliminate the remaining remnants of fat since the body will try to retain them. Testosterone and deca combination puts the body in a better position to torch the rest of the fat away.


With summer time now here so many people are striving to achieve their perfect summer tan.  With many options out there to provide deep dark summer tans, sometimes choosing the ideal product or resource can be somewhat confusing.  Nowadays, people of all ages are aware of the high risks and dangers that come into play when trying to perfect your summer tan by way of extended exposure of your body to the sun’s direct rays.

If you want to achieve your bronzed tan, then be practical in doing so, and don’t take risks.  Be certain to avoid the powerful UV rays of the sun at all costs since they are accountable for the excessive cases of skin cancer today.  So many people don’t seem to take the dangers of over exposure to the sun seriously and thus the excessive cases of skin cancer and melanomas today.

Sun tanning is truly a typical component of the summer months and bodies all bronzed and looking so healthy are every bit a part of the summer months as the sun and the beaches themselves, which is why it is important to choose a tanning product that gives you results with the risks and dangers.

A Practical Way to Achieve Your Summer Tan

We all agree a bronzed summer tan has such a sexy and healthy appearance which is why so many people are committed to achieving that deep dark summer tan.  If you are like the millions of people who are determined to tan their bodies during the hot summer months, then choose a smart and practical product for purposes of acquiring that tan.  Becoming ever popular nowadays, spa tanning tablets have proven to be an effective way of getting a deep dark tan.  There are many different types of spa tanning tablets on the market today which means it can be somewhat confusing for consumers when trying to determine which product is better suited to their needs.

Most spa tanning tablets profess to be the best of the best and promise to deliver results that will make you the envy of all your family and friends.  Though this may very well be true, be certain to give attention to the primary ingredients contained in the spa tanning tablets before making your ultimate decision.  Be sure that your tanning tablets do not contain harmful ingredients such as Beta-Carotene, an ingredient that leaves your skin looking orange in color and very fake looking.   There are some tanning tablets on the market that contain all natural ingredients.  These are the tablets you want to use as opposed to those that contain harmful ingredients.

All Natural Spa Tanning Tablets

tanning tabletsSpa tanning tablets have proven to be one of the best all round tanning products on the market today.  Those that are made of all natural ingredients not only offer you a remarkably safe tanning method, but indeed one that presents with very positive results.

There are so many dangers and risks that come along with many other tanning products and resources for achieving a tan, which is why it makes perfect sense and is incredibly practical for people to use all natural tanning tablets. Truly ask yourself, why would I tan in the powerful UV rays of the sun, use sun tanning lamps or tanning beds, or even use a tan in a bottle spray, each of which comes with abundant risks when I can simply use all natural spa tanning tablets to acquire and maintain my beautiful summer time tan!  Spa tanning tablets – the ideal choice of so many for acquiring their bronzed summer tans.

Achieving the ideal body weight requires making adjustments to your daily routine, lifestyle and watching your diet. You need to burn more calories than you consume to succeed. Normally, losing weight is quite common among people who want to shed extra pounds in a given period of time. A positive mind-set, plan and goals will help you throughout your weight loss journey. The following is a quick guide on how to lose weight safely and effectively.


Reduce calorie intake: Lowering your caloric intake by about 500-1000 calories every day will help you shed at least two pounds every week without feeling being deprived. It is not wise to decrease caloric intake substantially since it can be challenging to adhere to. Choose a healthy diet that matches your lifestyle and body needs from the principal food groups. A good diet will prevent fast weight reduction which can easily affect your body leaving you drained and sluggish. Moreover, rapid weight reduction leads to loss of muscle and water instead of the intended fat.

Cut unhealthy eating habits: Unhealthy eating habits lead to excess weight. They include eating even when you are not hungry, excess feeding and eating a lot of desserts, processed foods and sugars. The major proportion of your meal should contain low calorie dense food like vegetables and whole grains. They aren’t loaded with lots of calories and they’ll make you feel full quickly and.

Avoid rapid weight reduction diets: They can be dangerous and might complicate your psychological and physical states. They should only be taken following a consultation with a weight loss expert.


Matching a healthy diet with the right workouts is the only trick to losing weight. Physical exercise engages the body muscles and burns body fat. Raising the level of your physical activity is not restricted to exercise. You can include other physical activities like gardening, shopping, walking, cleaning the house and walking upstairs instead of using lifts for better results. Spend at least 150 minutes every week on moderate body physical activities or about 75 minutes on intense rigorous aerobic activity. However, you may need more hours depending on your goals and work-out plan.


Dietary supplements can help in weight reduction especially when combined with physical activity and a healthy diet. Unfortunately, some supplements lack a guaranteed safety profile. Natural weight loss products like saffron extract are safe and effective to use. Supplements help in weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Settle for minor but attainable goals at a time. This will keep you motivated and on track. Don’t force your body to achieve very hard-to-attain targets. Use tools to help track your progress. For instance, you can be weighing yourself regularly or keep a food journal. These tools will help you keep track of every pound you lose which is a great source of motivation. It is imperative to stick to one exercise plan and weight loss diet at each stage of your weight loss journey. Focusing on a single plan will help you stay motivated to achieve your goals fast and easily.

ECA is an acronym for ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin. ECA stack is a combination of these three drugs and it has very powerful energy enhancing and fat burning properties. These ingredients are ‘stacked’ to achieve their synergistic effects in burning of body fats and suppression of appetite. The following is detailed ECA stack report that will help you understand the properties of ECA stack.


Ephedrine is known for its dramatic suppression of appetite. It improves burning of fats and makes one feel energized. It is a very powerful thermogenic agent that increases the rate of metabolism. This results to faster burning of calories, high the body temperature and high metabolism. Additionally, Ephedrine is very effective in appetite suppression. It helps in increasing satiety feeling to curb cravings. It is a powerful energy booster that leads to enhanced performance.


The presence of caffeine in the stack is based on the fact that caffeine increases the body energy levels. It allows the body to carry out more and intense exercises with less fatigue. Intense exercises help in reduction of excess fat in the body. However, caffeine is unlikely to yield any noticeable results on its own unlike when stacked with aspirin and ephedrine. Caffeine is legal and it can only become dangerous when taken in large quantities. People who are used to taking ECA stack may experience withdrawal symptoms of caffeine when they stop taking it.


Aspirin is added in the stack since it prevents clotting of blood which is a major side effect associated with ephedrine. A variant EC stack is available for people who cannot tolerate aspirin. Compounds such as white willow bark and fish oil have same anti-clotting properties as aspirin. It is recommendable to replace aspirin with safer alternatives because of its side effects which include stomach ulcers.


Most of the risks that accompany taking ECA stack are mainly attributed to ephedrine and should only be taken at the recommended dosage. It should be avoided by people who are prone to stroke and heart attack. Ephedrine causes slight increase in blood pressure levels and can lead to frequent nose bleeding especially in people who take it regularly.


ECA stack is effective when used alone or when used in combination with other ingredients. It is recommended to use it in a cycle for six weeks at a time followed by a two-week break for the best results. Be sure to take it during the work out days, especially if you are using it to enhance body energy. Many body building enthusiasts and professionals prefer ECA stack to other fat burners. ECA stack is legal and can be bought over the counter without a prescription. However, it should only be taken by young healthy people. You are unlikely to encounter any problem provided you take it sensibly. You can stop taking it any time and you won’t experience any health problems.

When you stop taking the product, cut down on diet and eats less calories since rate of metabolism slows down dramatically. It is important to avoid this stack when carrying out extensive exercises. Otherwise, ensure you are well fed before you begin working out because hunger hits back with vengeance when stack wears off.

Diet is a critical component of muscle building. Muscles tend to burn more calories than fat even when resting. Consequently, building muscles calls for a higher consumption of high calorie diets. There are certain foods that are known to enhance muscle building and strength. A diet rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins is important for burning excess fat and building lean muscles. Here are some of the best muscle building foods.

Cottage cheese: Free fat cottage cheese is among the most effective foods for body builders. It is rich in casein, a slow digesting protein. Casein maintains body muscles by preventing them from being used as a source of energy. Cottage cheese is also a rich source of calcium and vitamin B12.

Brown rice: This is an excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates. Dieticians recommend active individuals to eat brown rice because it helps in maintaining overall body health. Moreover, it boosts the levels of growth hormone in the body which enhances the growth of lean muscles and burning body fats.


Tuna fish: It is a low carbohydrate and a high protein food which is important for building muscles and losing weight. It is rich in Omega 3-fatty acids which boost body metabolism and utilization of calories.

Fruits and vegetables: They are rich sources of anti-oxidants which are essential for maintain the proper functioning of the immune system. They are also great sources of beta- carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Healthy fats: Consumption of unsaturated fats is essential when building muscles. Fats play important roles in production of both growth hormone and testosterone which are responsible for the growth of muscles. Healthy fats elevate the metabolic rate and make it easier for the body to burn excess fats.

Oatmeal: This is an excellent source of carbs since it is slightly processed and has a low glycemic index. The benefits of consumption of oatmeal include decreased hunger, increased satiety, better micronutrients profile, fiber and burning of fats.

Lean beef: Beef is an ideal source of proteins and many other micronutrients such as zinc, iron, and vitamin B. It has high protein content and amino acids which work with insulin to enhance muscle growth. For instance, high levels of linoleic acid present in beef boosts the rate of shedding body-fat and lean muscle building.

Eggs: Eggs contain 9 essential amino acids, high quality protein, choline and vitamin D. They increase lean muscle and promote muscle power. Egg’s cholesterol is also beneficial. It has been proved to decrease LDL cholesterol which causes atherosclerosis.

Broccoli: It contains a compound that antagonizes estrogenic effects in the body. Estrogen enhances the body’s ability to store fat. It leads to more muscle and less body fat.

Chicken breast: White chicken breast meat has low calorie-component but very rich in proteins. This makes it an ideal food for body builders because protein helps in the repair and maintenance of muscles.

It is clear that there are a lot of foods out there that will boost your body building efforts. It is always great to keep in mind that both proper diet and working our plays almost equal roles in muscle building. A combination of these foods with the right exercises will surely help you build muscles.

Do you desire a chest that is muscular, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing? Then building your chest muscles should be your prime goal. For full development of your chest muscles, you need to perform chest exercises that target your pectoral muscles from all angles. Focusing on both upper and lower pectoral muscles with different exercises will help you achieve your dream chest easily. The following is quick look at the best exercises to build a big chest.

Bench press

Standard bench press exercises come in three major forms namely; incline, decline and flat. The type is dependent on the angle of the bench and each exercise targets a specific part of the chest. Bench press engages the entire chest and triceps muscles. It is performed using either dumbbells or a barbell. A flat bench works the overall chest while an inclination bench press places more focus on the upper pectoral muscles. An inclination of more than 45 degree angle targets the shoulder anterior deltoid muscles. For best results, it is recommended to lower the bar to chest slowly but push the weight up fast. Proper control of the weights is vital since it recruits more muscle fibers and muscles than uncontrolled weights.


This is a common exercise which is performed in a horizontal position. You simply need to raise and lower your body with the arms. Push-ups exercise the triceps, pectoral muscles and the anterior deltoids. You can vary the arm angle and width so as to focus more weight on the chest. Moreover, you can use a weighted vest or backpack to have extra resistance and achieve better results.

image of push up

Seated chest press

This is a safe exercise for beginners who desire to increase tone, endurance and strength of the chest muscles. It focuses on the chest muscles as well as the triceps in the same movement. Ensure the fixed path machine is set up correctly for your height for better results.

image of body building

Flat dumbbell fly

This form of exercise is used to stimulate the chest pectoral muscles. It is performed by holding one dumbbell on each hand while lying back on a flat surface or on a bench. It allows you to use the deltoid and pectoral muscles to add the held weights inwards. This exercise is very effective trains the chest muscles only. To avoid injury, do the exercise slowly so as to focus on the contraction and stretch of the pectoral muscles.

Bar dip

Bar dips is compound-form of body-weight exercise. They are performed by raising the body on the two dip bars with straightened arms. The body is then lowered until the shoulders are below the elbows. The exercise works the shoulders, arm, back and chest muscles.

Cable crossovers exercise

Cable crossovers are adjustable from low to high depending on the size of chest muscles that you want to exercise. When the pulley is set at a high position, the focus is on the lower pectoral muscles. The focus is on the upper muscles when the pulley is set in a low position. This exercise is great because it stretches the pectoral muscles and hits the outer muscle fiber.


Building a powerful and big chest should not be challenge if you focus on the right exercises. The above exercises may look simple but it is essential to do them correctly to achieve the best results. Start trying these exercises today and for real, you’ll be assured of the chest that you’ve always dreamed of.

Dianabol is among the most sought after steroids in the market today. It is a strong oral steroid that is highly valued by gym enthusiasts and professional athletes. It delivers the intended results quickly thanks to its strong androgenic and anabolic effects on the user. So, how effective is a dianabol only cycle? The dianabol only cycle usually lasts for about six weeks. The cycle involves taking dianabol pills since the injectable form is inferior and impure compared to the pill form. However, the steroid is normally supplemented with testosterone and aromatase inhibitors because it lowers the natural production of testosterone. People with little knowledge about this steroid need to know about the competence of the steroid as outlined below.

Effectiveness of a dianabol only cycle

Users who complete the cycle properly experience amazing muscle gain and strength. Individuals gain anywhere between 10-15 pounds in a single cycle. These fleeting results make dianabol an alluring choice for most body builders. Some benefits of the cycle include;

Increased fat-free mass and strength: Dianabol increases anaerobic glycolysis which in turn leads to accumulation of lactic acid in the body. Lactic acid is utilized by muscle tissues to synthesize glycogen. This increases the reserved energy of the body which leads to enhanced physical performance. Dianabol increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention which are two critical processes of muscle development.

Fast gains within a short period: Dianabol only cycle leads to elevated muscle strength and raid muscle gain. Users begin noticing these results from the third week of the cycle. The steroid helps the body to be more efficient in synthesizing proteins which leads bigger and harder muscles.

Increased bone mineral density: Strong bones are necessary for a steroid user who intends to build muscles by lifting weights. Dianabol only cycle boosts bone mineral density which enables weight lifters to support heavy weights during exercises.


Dianabol only cycle is ideal for you if want to build your muscles without using injectable steroids. It is mostly formulated as a pill though it is also formulated as an injection. Taking tablets is painless and easy since you don’t need to learn skills like applying Band-Aid and finding injection sites.

Side effects

Hepatotoxicity: This oral anabolic steroid is toxic to the liver. Hepatotoxicity limits the dianabol only cycles to a period of 6 weeks in order to prevent damaging the liver.

Testosterone suppression: Continued use of dianabol for a long time leads to a high-pitched voice and shrivelled testes. These are caused by suppression of testosterone. However, the effects are mild if dianabol is supplemented with testosterone during the cycle.

The effectiveness and flexibility of the Dianabol only cycles accounts for its popularity among power lifters, athletes and body builders. It stacks well with other performance enhancers to maintain the gains even after the cycle ends. If you are seeking to bulk up without injections, then go for dianabol only cycle and do it correctly. Moreover, remember to bear in mind that adequate rest, proper diet and workouts are essential to retain the gains after completing the cycle. Proper diet maintains the new muscles tissues while exercises keep the levels of strength up.

So in our opinion this cycle is worth the money in certain circumstances.