Anavar Cycle: What to Expect

Oxandrolone but better known as Anavar is a steroid used by individuals who go to the gym and want fast changes to the body.

Anavar is one of the mildest steroids present which is one of the reasons why it is so popular.

While it is a legal drug to own for your own usage currently, it is illegal to sell it. This makes it impossible to purchase from your local supplement store.

It is an amazing workout supplement for gym going individuals but it is a steroid which means it does have some potential side effects.

One of the major potential problems is Testosterone suppression. This means after a short while of taking this steroid your body will stop producing its own testosterone.

This is why you must always use a PCT once a steroid cycle ends. PCT will kickstart your own natural testosterone production.

Anavar is an expensive steroid but will work wonders if you workout and eat a healthy and protein-rich diet.

What to expect from Anavar cycle:

If you are wanting to bulk or cut you can use it with good results.  One of the good things about this drug is that its suitable for both men and women.

What women should expect:

The dosage for an Anavar only cycle for women must be 10 mg–15 mg per day. If a woman has a higher dosage she runs the risk of virilization. This is when a woman starts to develop male characteristics such as facial hair and deepening of the voice.

What men should expect:

Dosages for men should be higher than that of women as men do not have to worry about virilization effects.

But don’t expect to build a huge amount of muscle on this steroid as it’s not the most powerful. If you want to run a cycle that results in more muscle growth you should either stack Anavar with other steroids or simply replace this steroid with something else.

What muscle Var does help you build will be quality and dry muscle.

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