Help on how to build a bigger chest

Do you desire a chest that is muscular, symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing? Then building your chest muscles should be your prime goal. For full development of your chest muscles, you need to perform chest exercises that target your pectoral muscles from all angles. Focusing on both upper and lower pectoral muscles with different exercises will help you achieve your dream chest easily. The following is quick look at the best exercises to build a big chest.

Bench press

Standard bench press exercises come in three major forms namely; incline, decline and flat. The type is dependent on the angle of the bench and each exercise targets a specific part of the chest. Bench press engages the entire chest and triceps muscles. It is performed using either dumbbells or a barbell. A flat bench works the overall chest while an inclination bench press places more focus on the upper pectoral muscles. An inclination of more than 45 degree angle targets the shoulder anterior deltoid muscles. For best results, it is recommended to lower the bar to chest slowly but push the weight up fast. Proper control of the weights is vital since it recruits more muscle fibers and muscles than uncontrolled weights.


This is a common exercise which is performed in a horizontal position. You simply need to raise and lower your body with the arms. Push-ups exercise the triceps, pectoral muscles and the anterior deltoids. You can vary the arm angle and width so as to focus more weight on the chest. Moreover, you can use a weighted vest or backpack to have extra resistance and achieve better results.

image of push up

Seated chest press

This is a safe exercise for beginners who desire to increase tone, endurance and strength of the chest muscles. It focuses on the chest muscles as well as the triceps in the same movement. Ensure the fixed path machine is set up correctly for your height for better results.

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Flat dumbbell fly

This form of exercise is used to stimulate the chest pectoral muscles. It is performed by holding one dumbbell on each hand while lying back on a flat surface or on a bench. It allows you to use the deltoid and pectoral muscles to add the held weights inwards. This exercise is very effective trains the chest muscles only. To avoid injury, do the exercise slowly so as to focus on the contraction and stretch of the pectoral muscles.

Bar dip

Bar dips is compound-form of body-weight exercise. They are performed by raising the body on the two dip bars with straightened arms. The body is then lowered until the shoulders are below the elbows. The exercise works the shoulders, arm, back and chest muscles.

Cable crossovers exercise

Cable crossovers are adjustable from low to high depending on the size of chest muscles that you want to exercise. When the pulley is set at a high position, the focus is on the lower pectoral muscles. The focus is on the upper muscles when the pulley is set in a low position. This exercise is great because it stretches the pectoral muscles and hits the outer muscle fiber.


Building a powerful and big chest should not be challenge if you focus on the right exercises. The above exercises may look simple but it is essential to do them correctly to achieve the best results. Start trying these exercises today and for real, you’ll be assured of the chest that you’ve always dreamed of.

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